Snoozing through the Oscars.

Oh my God.  Could this year’s Oscars BE any more TRY? 

They are trying so hard to be relevant, to be current, to make us think that they’re so much cooler than us.  We’ve bailed several times.  I’m trying to hang on to the end here, but I’m managing to work much more than I want to.  Because I’m bored.  Ugh. 

I am 99% sure that James Franco is some sort of stoned.  Anne Hathaway is just a little too unnaturally perky.  It’s just not working. 

You’re Hollywood.  Don’t TRY to be awesome, just be awesome.  And give us extra Marky Mark.  Thanks.

Also.  I put my toddler to bed 15 minutes early tonight because I wanted to watch the red carpet special in peace.  The baby is sleeping on the couch next to me instead of in her crib.  That’s how she and I roll.


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