The Morning Rush

I wonder every single day if I am the only crazy person in the world trying to get two babies and myself clean, dressed, and out the door by 7:30am…

I mean, I know that I’m not – because I see the other moms screeching into the daycare parking lot at 7:45 right next to me.  We exchange rushed smiles as we hurriedly wipe the Nutella-and-Waffle (eaten in the car of course) smudges from our munchkins cheeks as we nudge them into school.  And by nudge, I mean NUDGE – every day, I’m coming up with a new way to hurry my dawdling toddler down the hall and into her class:

-See the fishy?
-See the pictures that you drew?
-Mommy has a banana for you when you get to your class!
-Hurry, hurry – Mommy’s late!!  Mommy’s always late…

We all smile and chit chat about the kids, the class, the weather, the latest clearance rack find at Old Navy… while we’re taking off their coats and hanging their backpacks and kissing them goodbye.  I always need that one last touch, one last sniff of the hair before I go – I’m probably going through more separation anxiety than they are.  And then I’m off, back in the car, and hopefully at work in time to not be the last one there.

My morning depends on so many factors.  How much I’ve prepared the night before (never enough), how late I wake up (late is such a ridiculous term, if 6am is late, kill me now), how many times two girls can poop before 7:22am (you’d be surprised)…

The funny thing is – on weekends, I couldn’t get us out of the house at 7:30 if I tried.  What’s that about?!

I’m so curious as to how the rest of you do it – how do you get out of the house, looking professional and ready for work, with clean kids, and a packed lunch, without losing your marbles?  Seriously.  You go now.



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2 responses to “The Morning Rush

  1. Hillary

    Ummmm… I pretty much do whatever you have told me to do. Oh, and Chase pooped twice this morning before we left at 7:15AM. He is a pooping machine.

    If I am taking him to daycare, I shower while Kevin gets him ready. Otherwise, I will do as much as I can to get him and I ready and then once I get those two out the door I finish getting ready (and yes, I have to monitor them so Kev doesn’t leave anything behind… like the bottles… or the baby).

    • Liz

      I’m lucky because (1) I still only have one kid, and (2) Daddy plays a big role in the morning routine.

      But I do religiously prepare the night before so as to avoid last-minute delays: pick/iron my clothes-shoes-accessories, pack the boy’s bag, pack the boy’s lunch, bathe the boy & shower me …

      6:45 am the boy comes into bed for a bit of snuggling with us, then I have him dressed for the day by 7:15 and have 45 mintues to myself for make-up, clothes, hair while Daddy does breakfast and entertains the boy. Out the door by 8, sometimes as early as 7:50. This morning we got out early AND I got a load of laundry in – SCORE.

      But again – I think the one versus two kid thing here is a big factor. That and I don’t have to wrestle over little braids, pigtails, etc.

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