YABS has NOTHING to wear!

 Do you have a daily uniform?  Your go-to-wardrobe preferences?  Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom (chief domestic engineer) or a work-out-of-home-mom (lucky lady gets to scarf down lunch at a desk in peace) – you probably have a typical daily uniform.  Or am I the only one? 

 When I was on maternity leave, my standard uniform was black yoga pants, leggings or jeans, a tee shirt or tank that I could nurse in, and either a hoodie or a sweatshirt.  At my last job, it was a very casual environment so I mostly wore jeans or work pants and a sweater or button down.  At my new job, the trend is for women to dress more professionally so I’ve upgraded my work uniform to a sheath dress with long cardigan or cropped jacket, or a skirt/top combo, or dressy work pants with a top.

 I think I seriously need to upgrade my wardrobe this fall.  Especially with the new job, my winter season clothes are looking pathetic.  I think that autumn; to me anyway, will always trigger the need for new clothes, a new “back-to-school” excitement and a reinvention of sorts. 


THIS whole slide show is a big WTF for me. 

During one of my first outings with a now very dear friend, my stroller pushing partner confessed that every time she left the house, she was afraid that the crew from “What NOT to Wear” was waiting around the corner, preparing to ambush her.  My sister has been known to seriously question what qualifies as “work clothes” for me and has specifically requested that I not EVER wear a fleece vest ever again (not even at home). 


 So what do you wear?  What’s your uniform?  If you don’t have kids yet, and you still take the time and effort to look presentable and professional each day – what’s your favorite work ensemble?  If you’re a working mom – what are your tips and tricks for getting out the house spit-up and snot free?  If you’re at home – what’s your favorite brand of jeans or yoga pants?  Help a sister out.


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