Tuesday: not quite Monday, still too far from Friday

Some Randoms to get you through your post-lunch coma.

1.  I realized this morning that Oprah’s been off the air (from her regular 4pm time slot) for several months, and I haven’t really missed her.  This makes me sad for her.

2. Eating bruschetta for a 9pm snack is a HORRIBLE decision.

3. When the big girl asked me to turn around this morning because she forgot her brand new Clifford dog – who now sits in her car seat with her – I almost considered it.

4. I’ve decided that I really like the look of slim fitting, ankle length pants paired with flats.  It makes me feel 1960’s (pre-hippies) cute.

5. Mascara during August rag-weed season, also a bad decision. 

6. I need product recommendations to help me tame the frizzy beast that is my hair.  I need serums and straightening balms, and smoothers STAT.  I love my new haircut (NOT from the Paul Mitchel Beauty School thankyouverymuch) and I think it helps, but I need PRODUCT.

7. Hurricane Irene is threatening my beach vacay plans with My Awesome Younger Sister and Blondie.  I told them that I wouldn’t even consider the concept of a hurricane unless it was served in a tall glass, with a hunk of pineapple, and a decorative umbrella.  But I think I really need to pay attention -Al Roker says it’s gonna be a good one. 

8. My little girl destroyed approximately 80 feet of toilet paper in about 8 seconds this morning: unravelled an entire roll and proceeded to shred it to pieces.  I yelled NOOOOooooooo and ruined her party. 

9. I’m organizing a Beach Clean-up for my office to participate in this October.  The girl I’m emailing with to set it up has a pretty serious internet history and is an excellent lesson in HOW NOT TO TAG YOURSELF in facebook photos online.  (also, I’d like to thank my bestie JMKZ for teaching me how to internet stalk)

10. I learned that Heather Locklear: a) is almost 50 and b) is engaged to Jack Wagner and spent several minutes (hours) googling Melrose on imdb and youtube.  (you’re welcome).

How are you making it through the week?


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